Local Green Building Resources & Web Resources

Adobe Techniques: Specializing in earth-friendly building, masonry work from retaining walls to house, with bobcat and dump truck services. Rhohan Stites, 11 Camino Amarillo, Silver City, 88061; 538-5248. www.adobetechniques.com

Aurora Woodworks: Custom Southwest carving, including vigas, corbels, furniture, doors and gates. Workshop located in Gila WoodNet at 500 Santa Clara Industrial Park, Santa Clara, 88026; 590-7349.

Common Ground: One of kind blasted glass suitable for windows and door windows. Decorative, protective tin surrounds for doors and windows. Paula Elizabeth Geisler, 102-103 West Kelly Street, Silver City 88061, 534-2087. geisleer@zianet.com

Esperanza Builders: Custom-built adobe homes. Ken Maynard, PO Box 765, Silver city NM 88062, 574-5316.

Gila Consultants: Construction consulting and design for green buildings and active solar dwellings and structures; alternative energy systems; design analysis and modifications; and owner representation. John Fridinger, PO Box 1792, Silver City, NM 88062. 538-8669. crzyhrse@gilanet.com

Gila Sustainability Network: A network of local individuals and organizations that inform, educate, and encourage people to join together in a culture of cooperation that is committed to creating local, healthy, sustainable communities. 538-8078. www.gilasustainability.net

Gila WoodNet: Non-profit organization created to develop methods to remove and utilize small trees resulting from forest restoration thinning projects. Our role in the forest is to bring back a more natural forest structure by thinning and removing smaller trees. Some of our products include vigas/poles, wood chips, mulch, slabs, and firewood. Amanda Barnett, 500 Santa Clara Industrial Park, PO Box 530, Santa Clara, 88026. 537-3250. www.gilawoodnet.com, sales@gilawoodnet.com

Habitat for Humanity Re-Store: If you are building new, remodeling, moving, going out of business, landscaping or replacing old with new, don’t throw anything away and donate it to Re-Store. Open to the public Wednesday and Friday 1 – 5 pm; Saturday 9 – 1 pm. 704 W. Market St. Silver City 574-2074

Land Art Landscaping: We design garden spaces that take into consideration the way the area will be used and the level of maintenance the client desires. Also, flagstone and dry-laid stone work and water features. Karen Danhauer, 1002 Sotol Loop, Silver City, 88061, 534-1075.

Lone Mountain Natives: Source of native and drought-tolerant shrubs, trees, and perennial flowers, agaves, cactus and succulents. Tricia Hurley and Mark Cantrell, 538-4345. tylan01@earthlink.net

Mark Bighley Construction Inc: Your personal hands-on contractor. We encourage sustainability. Fine crafted custom homes, integrated materials, colored concrete floors and counter tops, and consultation services. Mark Bighley, Deer Trail Place, Silver City, 88061; 534-2686 www.markbighleyconstruction.com

Mark Richard and Associates: Comprehensive architectural services, planning and interior design. Mark Richard, PO Box 1258, Bayard, NM, 537-5988.

Material Good: Environmentally friendly building materials and project consulting. Mattie Johnson, 108 N. Texas St, Silver City, 88061. 534-4511, www.materialgood.com

Natural Building Resources: Mail order books, videos, and DVDs of how to build with straw bales, cob, adobe, bamboo etc. Permaculture and strawbale consulting and workshops. Catherine Wanek and Peter Fust, 119 Main Street, Kingston, NM, 88042. 895-5652, www.StrawbaleCentral.com

O’Keefe Design and Consulting: Home design and consulting, specializing in passive solar design and adobe construction. Dennis O’Keefe, 102 West Broadway, Silver City, 88061. 388-3313, asiwik@zianet.com

Regalos de la Tierra Pottery Company: Makers of hand-crafted pottery for rain water harvesting, cooking, container gardening, water gardens and fountains. Made of high-fired pottery produced by family members – Zapotec Indians – in Oaxaca, Mexico. Lisa and Avelino Jimenez, 515 W 7th Street, Silver City, 88061. 534-4378, regalos@cybermesa.com

Richard S. Bigelow Construction Inc: Serving southwest New Mexico since 1983, we specialize in custom residential and remodeling as well as commercial construction. Richard S. Bigelow, President P.O. Box 1057, Silver City, 88062. 388-1461, rbigelow@signalpeak.net

Santa Clara Woodworks: Dedicated to the production of quality products from locally-obtained materials in a manner that promotes good stewardship of the land and supports the local community. We develop by-products from ecological restoration thinning projects, including natural log trusses which are stronger than timber, turned log trusses, and custom natural log timber framing featuring hand-forged local iron work. Gordon West, 500 Santa Clara Industrial Park, Santa Clara, 88026. 537-3689, gorwest@zianet.com

Silver Linings: Rio Vicente Development – a green community housing project with passive solar, home clusters, and efficient home designs. Bruce McKinney, Patricia Pawlicki, 301 West College #14, Silver City, 88061. 534-0283, www.greensilverlinings.com, info@greensilverlinings.com

Silver Architects: Comprehensive architectural services. Stephen Shelendich, 305 N Cooper Street, Silver City, 88061, 538-8983

Sheffield Construction: General construction, custom homes. Mark Johns, PO Box 917, Silver City, 88062; 538-2146

Spiritpath Designs: Consultant for a building method using cast, one piece walls and roof which demonstrates structural design principles in nature. Doug Lacy, 1613 Silver Heights Boulevard, Silver City. 388-2150 douglacy77@hotmail.com, www.shambhalavillage.com

Southwest Energy Options: Heating, plumbing, cooling, solar and alternative energy contractor. Installing solar in the Southwest since 1976. Bill Carlis, Rt 5 PO Box 30, Silver City, 88062. 538-9598

Sun Bear Design & Building: Design and construction, green building and alternative methods. Brian Myers, 144 Armijo Road, Silver City, 88061. 388-8766. www.sunbearbuild.com

Sun Cast Creations: I create sculptures with multicolored bottles in concrete monoliths, which can be incorporated into the walls of homes as windows or be free standing. Rachel Farrester Bighley, 4655 Deer Creek Trail, Silver City, 88061, 534-2686. www.suncastcreations.com

Sunup Design/Build, LLC: Design and build and remodel residential property. David Lawrence, PO Box 1159, Silver City 88062. 388-9281. www.sunupdesignbuild.com

Syzygy Tileworks: Handmade ceramic, natural stone, recycled glass, and metal tiles suitable for floors walls and counters and decorative design. Lee Gruber and David DelJunco,106 N. Bullard, Silver City, 88061. 388-5472, www.syzygytile.com


The American Institute of Architects (AIA)


AIA Committee on the Environment
“Works to advance, disseminate, and advocate design practices that integrate built and natural systems and enhance both the design quality and environmental performance of the built environment.”


Architecture 2030
“Research, information, and innovative solutions in the fields of architecture and planning, in an effort to address global climate change.”


Building Green
Featuring their massive “GreenSpec”, a green product directory, and Environmental Building News


Center for Resourceful Building Technology
A project of the National Center for Appropriate Technology.
“Dedicated to promoting environmentally responsible practices in construction.”


The City Repair Project
An all-volunteer grassroots organization helping people reclaim their urban spaces to create community-oriented spaces.


The Design Coalition
State of New Mexico Stray-Clay Guidelines


555Dream Green Homes
“Your Source for Alternative Home Plans”


Earthship Biotecture
Internationally Recognized, New Mexico-based group specializing in self-sufficient, solar/thermal, recycled tire homes.


Green Home Building
“Where you can find a wide range of information about sustainable architecture and natural building.”


Home Energy Saver
“The 1st web-based do-it-yourself energy audit tool”


The Last Straw
The International Journal of Straw Bale and Natural Building


Natural Building Resources
“Disseminates and coordinates information and activities regarding natural building, sustainable architecture, and ecological living.”


National Building Museum
“New directions in sustainable architecture and design”


Real Goods
Online store devoted to solar and off-the-grid living.


Scrap House
“In anticipation of World Environment Day 2005, we challenged a rockstar team of San Francisco architects, artists, contractors, city officials, and engineers to construct a house using only scrap and salvaged materials.”


Seventh Generations Natural Builders
“Learn the art of natural building”


Smart Communities Network
US Department of Energy website with a national resource database on energy efficient homes and green building principles and practices.


Strawbale Central
Natural building resource list featuring techniques, picture galleries, and a book and video section.


Sustainable Sources
“Green Building Professionals Directory, Green Real Estate listings, Strawbale registry, Green Building Conference listings”


US Green Building Council
The US Green Building Council (USGBC) is the nation’s foremost coalition of leaders from every sector of the building industry working to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live and work. USGBC developed the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System which is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings.


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