New Scientific Report Reveals Widespread Failure to Keep Mines from Polluting Water

Regulatory and scientific failures in mine permitting result in widespread water pollution, increased public health risks, and costly taxpayer-funded cleanups

New scientific research finds that faulty water quality predictions, mitigation measures and regulatory failures result in the approval of mines that create significant water pollution problems. Despite assurances from government regulators and mine proponents that mines would not pollute clean water, researchers found that 76 percent of studied mines exceeded water quality standards, polluting rivers, and groundwater with toxic contaminants, such as lead, mercury, arsenic and cyanide, and exposing taxpayers to huge cleanup liabilities. The research, released by the Gila Resources Information Project (GRIP), Amigos Bravos and the Washington, DC-based conservation group EARTHWORKS, has major implications for new mining proposals in New Mexico.

Read the full press release here.
The full report can be downloaded at:

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