GMCR Earth Matters: Enironmental Issues – 2014 Preview

This just in from Earth Matters, a program of Gila Mimbres Community Radio. Listen to Earth Matters’ Enironmental Issues – 2014 Preview  today!

This installment presents a preview of the major environmental issues and events for 2014 and features the three producers of Earth Matters –

  • Allyson Siwik / Executive Director of both Gila Resources Information Project and Gila Conservation Coalition
  • Donna Stevens / Executive Director of Upper Gila Watershed Alliance and
  • Nathan Newcomer / Gila Grassroots Organizer for the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance

In the coming year, the Gila Wilderness will mark its 90th year of wilderness designation and protection as well as being the very first wilderness area to be recognized by the US government and throughout the world.  This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the current federal wilderness protection program of which The Gila is part and includes all other wilderness areas within the US and both are great cause for celebration.

They also discuss the looming AWSA / Arizona Water Settlements Act and its potential catastrophic effect on the Gila – New Mexico’s last free flowing river and one of the very few remaining throughout the Southwest.  2014 will mark the deadline for New Mexico to decide to divert and destroy or preserve and protect one of its most precious natural resources.

Also on the 2014 calendar is another landmark – the 10th Annual Gila River Festivaland this anniversary shall be very meaningful in the context of the other events mentioned above.

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