GetAGRIP Fall 2005

Page 1: Study Shows Gila River Diversion Project Unnecessary and Wasteful, Environment Secretary Overrides Staff, Weakens Hurley Soils Cleanup Page 2: A Summary of the 2020 Visions Public Forum Series Page 3: From Visions to Action: Citizen Efforts Blossom from Spring to Fall Page 4: From Farm to Table, and from Frying Vat to Fuel […]

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GetAGRIP Spring 2005

Page 1: 2020 Visions Forum Series Focuses on Need for Community Planning, NMED Eases Soil Cleanup Requirement in Hurley; PD Still Unhappy Page 2: City & County Plans Emphasize Quality of Life, Natural Beauty, Forum Focuses on Planning Page 3: Planning Forum Seeks to Learn from Other’s Experiences, Gila Conservation Coalition Plans Festival

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