GetAGRIP Fall 2011

Page 1:San Vicente Creek Monitoring and Upgrades Keep Moving Forward; Mining Update: FMI Going Ahead with Plan to Resume Operations at Cobre Mine; $11 – Million Grant County Water Restoration Plan Near Completion Page 2:Range of Arizona Water Settlement Projects Narrows as Deadline Apporoaches Page 3:NM 2012 Legislative Session Begins Jan. 12; San Vicente (cont’d […]

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GetAGRIP Spring 2011

Page 1: Future of Gila River at Stake as AWSA Evaluation Unfolds; Dan Hintz is GRIP’s New VISTA Staffer; Freeport Settlement Yields $13 – Million In Restoration Funds Page 2: Three New Titles now Avaiable From GRIP’s Lending Library; GRIP and GCC on Facebook Page 3: New Mexico Environmental Protections Survive 2011 Legislature Intact; Dan […]

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