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Town Hall Meetings on Silver City Comprehensive Plan

Town of Silver City to Update Comprehensive Plan Community Development Department Holding Input Meetings by District It’s that time again. The Town of Silver City is overdue for an update of the 2004 Comprehensive Plan, a tool to guide how our community will grow in the future, to protect important assets and resources, and to […]

Grant County landscape by Dennis O'Keefe

Grant County Trails Guide Available Online

Grant County Trails Group’s Trails of Grant County Walking/Hiking Guide features some of the easiest, most accessible and best loved trails and walking areas in both Silver City and in the Mining District (Bayard and Santa Clara). Also, Grant County Trails Group has produced Trails of Grant County, a film that features local Grant County trails enthusiasts out and about on […]

Creative, Sustainable Architecture & Design in the Home

More than two millennia ago, Socrates observed: “In houses that face toward the south, the sun penetrates the portico in winter, while in summer the path of the sun is right over our heads and above the roof so that there is shade.” More recently, when Mexican settlers arrived in the San Luis Valley of […]

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Sustainable Building Principles

SITE DESIGN Green building begins with responsible site selection and design. By taking site characteristics into consideration early on in the design process, one can develop a plan that incorporates such elements as capturing and storing rain water, improving solar gain for energy efficiency and daylighting and utilizing existing vegetation for summertime shading. Passive solar […]

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Sustainably Built Homes

SUN, STONE & EARTH HOME 1. 2. 3. More than 50% of a conventionally-built home’s energy is used for space and water heating. The owners of this home avoid much of those costs thanks to intelligent siting that maximizes heating through passive solar gain in the winter (1, 3). A large solar water heater provides […]

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Local Green Building Resources & Web Resources

Adobe Techniques: Specializing in earth-friendly building, masonry work from retaining walls to house, with bobcat and dump truck services. Rhohan Stites, 11 Camino Amarillo, Silver City, 88061; 538-5248. Aurora Woodworks: Custom Southwest carving, including vigas, corbels, furniture, doors and gates. Workshop located in Gila WoodNet at 500 Santa Clara Industrial Park, Santa Clara, 88026; 590-7349. […]

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