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Ten years ago the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission came to town to organize local support for a Gila River diversion and storage project. After three failed attempts to dam and divert the Gila over the past 50 years, the ISC was in the process of cutting a deal with Arizona for Gila River water and federal funding. Hearing of the ISC scheme, local conservation groups, including GRIP, sprang into action. Realizing that this time around, with talk of a federal subsidy for a project, the outcome for the Gila could be different. GRIP, Upper Gila Watershed Alliance (UGWA) and Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) came together to resurrect the Gila Conservation Coalition (GCC). GCC historically operated as an informal group of volunteers. Reading the tea leaves, GRIP and its partners decided GCC needed organizational support and the ability to fundraise to defeat this latest threat to the Gila. GRIP serves as GCC’s fiscal agent and provides office space. GRIP, UGWA, and CBD all provide staff to GCC’s efforts. GCC partners have been successful in opening up the AWSA planning process to all stakeholders and getting a wide range of non-diversion projects on the table for consideration. GCC continues to advocate for cost-effective non-diversion alternatives to meet southwestern New Mexico’s water needs while maintaining the free flow of the Gila River.


Summer 2016 GetAGRIP – Now Available On Line!

The latest issue of GRIP’s newsletter, GetAGRIP, is now available for download.  If you are a GRIP member expect your copy in your mailbox soon. In this issue: Freeport-McMoRan fails financial soundness test NM Attorney General determines NM CAP Entity violated Open Meetings Act in Gila diversion discussions Back to square one: NM CAP Entity […]


Summer 2015 Issue of GetAGRIP Now Available On-line

        Download the latest issue of GetAGRIP and find out more about the Little Rock Mine expansion, Freeport-McMoRan’s financial situation, Tyrone mine layoffs and the status on the Copper Rule. You’ll also get a preview of the 11th Annual Gila River Festival and the latest on the Arizona Water Settlements Act, Boston Hill […]


Fall 2014 Issue of GetAGRIP Now Available

The Fall 2014 issue of GRIP’s quarterly newsletter GetAGRIP is now available on line. If you’re a GRIP member, expect a hard copy of the newsletter in your mailbox. Articles in this issue of GetAGRIP include: Freeport-McMoRan Mining Operations Plagued by Accidents, Safety Violations Interstate Stream Commission Moves Ahead with Diversion Project 10th Annual Gila […]


Interstate Stream Commission Moves Ahead with Gila River Diversion Project

At the conclusion of a 10-year planning process geared toward developing water from New Mexico’s last wild river, no one was surprised when on Nov. 24 the nine-member Interstate Stream Commission voted unanimously to notify the U.S. Secretary of the Interior that New Mexico will move forward with planning for a Gila River diversion project […]

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REGISTER NOW! 9th Annual Gila River Festival

9th Annual Gila River Festival The Gila River is in Our Hands September 19 – 22, 2013 FULL SCHEDULE / REGISTRATION  SPECIAL RATES FOR GILA RIVER FEST PARTICIPANTS AT THE MURRAY HOTEL The 9th annual Gila River Festival The Gila River is in Our Hands! –planned in and around Silver City, September 19 – 22, 2013 – will examine […]

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Pipeline Request Threatens NM’s Last Free-flowing River

Senator John Arthur Smith’s Pipeline Threat AWSA Process Heats Up as Deadline Approaches (Scroll to the bottom for an update on this issue) With a little more than a year to go before New Mexico makes a decision on the use of 14,000 acre-feet/year of Gila River water, powerful interests have begun to show their […]

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Todd Schulke on AWSA Pipeline Threat / Earth Matters Radio

To listen to the podcast on Gila Mimbres Community Radio, visit:

Your County Commissioners and Elected Officials Want to Increase Your Taxes and Water Rates!

Tell your county commissioners and elected officials you support common-sense, cost-effective non-diversion AWSA alternatives that secure our water future affordably and keep the Gila River free-flowing! In response to a trumped up threat by Senator John Arthur Smith to pipe the Gila River to Las Cruces, pressure is being applied to local governments to support […]

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