Western Hardrock Watershed Team

WHWT is a coalition of community/watershed improvement groups, confronting the challenges that remain from historic mining in the West. We address environmental degradation and community impoverishment, providing rural mining communities with the skills and capacity they need to make their neighborhoods / watersheds better places to live and work.

By implementing projects to clean up contaminated water, reforesting mine lands, and revitalizing former mining towns, watershed organizations are engaging and restoring their communities. The WHWT places OSM/VISTA members with these organizations and in doing so provides them with a vital resource – human capital. These OSM/VISTA members help the organization grow while working on community revitalization and environmental stewardship projects. After three years of having OSM/VISTAs members at their site, organizations have stronger volunteer bases, more sustainable funding, improved outreach and education programming, and more capacity to address their community’s needs.


Boston Hill Community Field Design Meetings – August 8 – 10

  There will be a Community Field Design Meeting for Safeguarding Abandoned Mines on Boston Hill, hosted by New Mexico Abandoned Mine Lands Program (NM AML) and contractor Dekker/Perich/Sabatini at the Silco Theater (311 N. Bullard St., Silver City, NM) on August 8th – 10th. Flyer The August 8th meeting is scheduled for  8:30am – 5:00pm, and will include […]

JOIN US: Reception for GRIP VISTAs – March 5, 5-7pm

Send Off for 3rd Year VISTA Claire Catlett and Welcome for 4th Year VISTA Andrew Lindlof Please join us for a get together as we send off our 3rd year VISTA, Claire Catlett, and welcome  our 4th year VISTA, Andrew Lindlof on Tuesday, March 5 from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm in the GRIP Office […]

Thank you to GRIP’s OSM/VISTA Program Sponsors and Partners

Western Hardrock Watershed Team Town of Silver City New Mexico Environment Department Surface Water Quality Bureau Grant County Trails Group Silver City Main Street Project The Volunteer Center The Wellness Coalition Gila Conservation Education Center Gila Conservation Coalition Southwest New Mexico Audubon Society Aldo Leopold High School Down-To-Earth School

GRIP Welcomes Andrew Lindlof As 4th Year OSM/VISTA Staffer

by Claire Catlett, OSM/VISTA Staffer GRIP is happy to host a fourth year of the OSM/VISTA program, thanks to an ongoing association with the Western Hardrock Watershed Team (WHWT). Andrew Lindlof will come aboard March 3 as the latest contributor to an OSM/VISTA legacy that has achieved great success since it began here in 2010. […]

OSM/VISTA Project Overview

Since 2010, Gila Resources Information Project (GRIP) has hosted an OSM/VISTA through the Western Hardrock Watershed Team (WHWT). The WHWT awarded GRIP a three-year program grant in 2010, which was extended recently for a fourth-year, in 2013. OSM/VISTA volunteers since 2010 have been essential to establishing the Silver City Watershed Keepers program, which serves as […]

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