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Gila Resources Information Project
Gila Resources Information Project7 hours ago
Summer is officially here! Here at GRIP, that means we're busy in the field with restoration projects, our Nature Discovery Summer Camp, and community forestry work. To stay updated on all things GRIP, from project updates to different opportunities, sign up for our e-newsletter by going to our website and hitting the subscribe button, #grip #silvercity #subscribe #enews #stayupdated #newmexico
Gila Resources Information Project
Gila Resources Information Project3 days ago
We have officially kicked off the Rural Southwest New Mexico Integrated Urban Forestry Project with our partners at @WNMU! We recently attended a Bayard City Council Meeting to present the project and discuss the community's urban forestry priorities. We are excited to be working with southwestern NM communities to grow each community’s tree canopy by providing planning, logistics, and planting assistance to improve the health of our community trees.To read more head over to #silvercity #urbanforestry #grip #southwest #project #bayard #dailypress #rural
Gila Resources Information Project
Gila Resources Information Project5 days ago
We want to say thank you for helping us exceed our Give Grandly 2024 goal of $10,000! Your financial support allows us to continue our work to safeguard community health by protecting our environment and natural resources.. #grip #thankyou #givegrandly #silvercity #newmexico #support #donate


GRIP works in communities, in the courts, and in the state legislature

to protect community health, our environment, and natural resources.

Together, we can secure a healthy future for everyone!


GRIP serves as a watchful guardian of our environment in southwest New Mexico. We keep an eye on activities with the potential to harm community health and our environment, such as polluting mining operations, unsustainable water use, and ecologically harmful projects. In response, we bring technical, policy and legal expertise to protect our land, air, water, public lands and wildlife. By facilitating informed public participation, we engage the public in natural resource use decisions and stewardship of our natural systems.


We work to protect community health and our natural resources by
ensuring responsible operation and reclamation of the region’s mines, by fostering resiliency and water security in the face of the climate crisis, and by saving our special natural areas and public lands for future generations.



We defend human and ecological health by using technical, policy and legal expertise to uphold safeguards of our water, air, land, and natural systems.



We engage our community to take action to protect our environment, public health, and unique wild places through educational events and stewardship programs




There are lots of ways to get involved with GRIP and help us safeguard community health by protecting our environment and natural resources. At the same time, you’ll learn skills, meet new friends, and feel good about contributing to our community!

  • Volunteer on specific projects such as water quality monitoring, trash cleanup, environmental education; review mining permit applications or project environmental impact assessments; and administrative tasks.
  • Volunteer for events, such as Earth Day, World Water Day, and the Gila River Festival.
  • Contribute some of your creativity to help us achieve our mission, such as photographs, articles, or art work.

2022 Gila Resources Information Project

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