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Water Resource Protection

Water management is one of the biggest problems we face in southwestern New Mexico. Our communities are dependent solely upon groundwater resources for our drinking water needs. With the specter of climate change and long-term drought, it is imperative that we determine how to use our water resources sustainably and create resilient water supply systems that will allow us to adapt to climate change impacts. Protecting our groundwater quality and implementing municipal and agricultural conservation are critical for stewarding our water resources over the long term.

By 2014, the region will need to decide how it intends to meet its water supply needs under the Arizona Water Settlements Act. At issue is whether we will spend over $300 million to divert Gila River water and sacrifice the health of the last free-flowing river in the state or if we will spend 16 times less to meet our water needs through cost-effective options like municipal and agricultural conservation or acquiring additional water rights and drilling new wells. Along with the Gila Conservation Coalition, GRIP promotes a common-sense approach to water management that meets our region’s future water needs while also protecting the Gila.

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2022 Gila Resources Information Project

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