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Climate Change & Sustainability

Climate change is one of the most important challenges of our time and threatens the survivability of all species on our planet. GRIP served on the Silver City Climate Committee to develop a Climate Action Plan calculated to reduce the Town’s greenhouse gas emissions as well as to establish the Office of Sustain- ability. With the involvement of many volunteers and organizations in the community, GRIP organized the weekend-long Viva Verde Expo in 2009 to provide education on how to reduce one’s carbon footprint. GRIP also developed two editions of the Viva Verde Guide (including a 2011 bilingual version) and a green jobs curriculum for New Mexico high schools. The Viva Verde Residential Energy Efficiency Program improved the energy ef- ficiency of over 60 homes in Luna County. GRIP is work- ing with the Office of Sustainability on its Sustainability 2030 Plan that will include measures to adapt to climate variability and increase the resiliency of our community to the impacts of climate change. GRIP continues to up- date the Viva Verde Guide at to provide green living resources to southwestern New Mexico.

2022 Gila Resources Information Project

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